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Rev Yawson & The Tagoe Sisters    The presence of Rev Yawson and the Tagoe sisters was such a blessing to the church, beautiful and powerful voices coming from the Rev and the sisters didn’t only touch the heart of the congregation, but left many with a wonderful understanding of how to worship the Lord. With a house full on Saturday Oct 2nd 04 and Sunday Oct 3rd 04, our spirits were raised and the love of God deepened.

Seeing the Rev and sisters go brought tears to the eyes of many, they are so warm, so friendly and despite their tremendous success in life, they are exceptionally humble in all their ways. We hope to invite them again next year and definitely know those who unfortunately couldn’t make it to this program, will find time to come and enjoy such a wonderful blessing next year.

We would like to say a big thank you to God for his blessings over their ministry and that of Cornerstone Evangel Int’l Church. We would also like to thank Rev Yawson and the sisters for making this program one to be remembered in our lives for a very long time, may the Lord God almighty increase the anointing he has bestowed upon their ministry, and may they touch the soul of the sick, sad and destitute when they minister.

Our next thanks goes to the pastors of Jesus Power Assembly at Columbus Ohio, for helping make this program a success, may the blessings of God be upon them.

And finally, we would like to say a big thank you to Rev Bonsu, visitors, and members of Cornerstone Evangel Int’l Church for their patronage and support to the Church, may God be their guide and protector. Amen!
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  A Blessed Day With Rev Vic Schober.
The 22nd of August 2004 was a special day in the lives of members of Cornerstone Evangel Int Church Of AG, we were honored with a visit from our guest preacher Rev Vic Schober; District Superintendent of the North Texas District Of AG, who blessed the church with a powerful message on "words of encouragement" to our newly wed, Mr. & Mrs. John Duodo and the bereaved Ms Sarah Owens & family.

The church was packed and spirit filled music coming from the evangel choir sent everyone dancing with joy. In deed it was a memorable day that was celebrated with the presence of Rev Jonah Garttey and Rev Laud Brown. Amen!
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  Fathers Day Celebration 2004.
We thank God for fathers!
Fathers of CEIC proved themselves on fathers’ day by making the day memorable for all fathers. The men cooked for the ladies and celebrated the day with gladness. We hope to see more of their actions next year.
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  Mothers Day Celebration 2004.
Mothers day celebration this year was one to remember. Not only did the ladies receive a wonderful sermon from Rev Bonsu, the music from the choir was great. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Alex the photographer, who participated in the celebration and took wonderful group and individual pictures of the ladies at no cost to them. God richly bless him.
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A Wonderful Time With Rev Amakye, Our Guest Preacher And Rev Bonsu As Guest Preacher At Radiant Life Church(Feb 04).
The 22nd of February marked a day full of Gods blessings and fruitful messages. Members of Cornerstone Evangel started the day with a wonderful message from our guest preacher, Rev Ofori Amakye on the theme” Your River Jordan”, a message that left members of the congregation re-evaluating circumstances in their lives. Indeed it was a powerful message.

The day was followed by an invitation to Rev Bonsu to preach at the Radiant Life Church, another assembly of God in Grand Prairie, and what an afternoon it turned out to be. He blessed the congregation with a very powerful message on “changes in our lives”, Rev Jim Snyder, Senior Pastor of the Church with his wonderful congregation, received Rev Bonsu with a very warm welcome. May God bless his ministry. Amen!
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   C.E.I.C's Inauguration Day Celebration(Nov 2003)
22nd November 2003 marked the day Cornerstone Evangel Int. Church Of AG, was inaugurated into the community of Arlington TX.

It all began on the 19th of November with a powerful 3day revival with Rev Bismack Akomeah,senior pastor of Jesus Power Assembly Ohio. On the inauguration day, we were graced with the presence of about a 100 people which included the Mayor of Arlington, 14 Pastors of local Churches, the Asantefuo Hene; Nana Osei Bonsu Asibey of Dallas, the Public Relations Officer of Otumfuo Fund North America, Mr. Rex Opoku Nyamkye and a few others. The first part of the program started with a musical prelude that entertained our guest during the seating period and a great jubilation as our honorable guest of honor were guided to the high table.

Next on the program was a choreography dance by our youth ministry, that left the congregation asking for more. Worship, which was led by Mr. Nelson Addae and the evangel choir was the best, the presence of the Lord was felt so strongly and our guest professional gospel recording artist, Segun Olajide, also entertained the congregation with choruses of different praise songs.

The second part of the program included speeches, a slide show about our humble begining and a plaque presentation to the Mayor Of Arlington, our Presbyter ; Rev Gerald Patterson, Rev Samuel Asiedu Director of African Fellowship AG and Dr Duane Collins. The Mayor in his welcome speech, expressed his appreciation and excitement to the church about our presence in the community. He encouraged the Church to not only win souls from the African community, but embrace others, and by so doing create a multicultural church.

Like wise, all the other speakers spoke words of encouragement and congratulated members for their hardwork and dedication to the kingdom of God and the church. Rev Samuel Bonsu in his speech, gave a historical background about the church, its mission and vision which includes, a day care centre in the pipeline, as well as set a scholarship fund for foreign students.Every speaker was received with a standing ovation from the congregation..

The final part, incorporated a wonderful preaching from Rev Gerald Patterson, who was so proud of the church. He encourged members to evangelize and win more souls into the kingdom, He further adviced members to be vigilant and work together as one unit in the body of Christ. The most interesting part of the day that followed, was our Kofi and Ama fund raising style, cordinated by Rev Samuel Asiedu, director of African Fellowship AG. Sunday born, kwesi and akosua came first.

The church was able to raise $2,106.00 through the Kofi and Ama contest, Cornerstone Evangel Int Church Men’s Ministry donated $1,140.00, Southwestern Assemblies of God University donated $1,500.00 and Jesus Power Assemblies of God Ohio, donated $1,300. bringing it to a total of $6,046. Pledges amounting to $7,000.00 payable by the end of April 2004, were also made by members and visitors on the Sunday 23rd of Nov 2003, and all this money will be used to propel the vision of the Church and build God’s Kingdom.

The winners of our donation contest by courtesy of our men's ministry, were Mrs Edith Adom, who won the first price of a Tv set and donated it to the Children’s Ministry, of which she is the director. The second price, a DVD player, went to Ann Kelly of Harris Methodist Hospital, and the third price, a Worship CD, went to Mr Ernest Dattey. The Womens Ministry were not left out either, they prepared and presented the most delicious finger foods you can ever think of.

Cornerstone Evangel Int Church is blessed with active participation of every member in the Church, and as it has always been said to us “Never despise little beginings, for these little things, will lead to bigger things”, we hope to never despise our little beginings.

22nd November 2003 is a day that will go on our yearly calander as an aniversary day, and this will all be to the glory of God. Amen!
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Rev Morris Ivey, Assistant Superintendent of Assemblies Of God North Texas District Preaches At Cornerstone Evangel Int Church Of AG(Nov 2003)
We were honored to have Rev Morris Ivey Assistant Superintendent of Assemblies Of God North Texas District, came to preach to us last Sunday, the 16th of November 2003. He blessed us with a very powerful message that reinforced the importance of faith in our lives. Together with his beautiful wife and the wonderful congregation, we had a wonderful time to the glory of God.  Pictures.



Southwestern Assemblies Of God University, Missions Dept, honors Cornerstone Evangel Int. Church and AG African Fellowship (Nov 2003)
Southwestern Assemblies Of God University missions department, honored Cornerstone Evangel Int. Church and AG African Fellowship, with an invitation to worship with the student body and staff during one of their Missionary Services held on the 5th of November 2003. Rev Samuel Bonsu, a graduate from Southwestern Assembles Of God University, was given the opportunity to address the students and tell them more about AG African Fellowship and the birth of Cornerstone Evangel Int.Church of AG. An Invitation to the inauguration of CEIC on the 22nd of Nov 2003, was also extended to the school.

Dr Collins, the preacher for the service, blessed us all with a powerful sermon on the importance of missionary appointments, and what we can all do as missionaries to help other nations. The focus on this day was on Turkey, where prayers were said for the nation, for God's guidance and protection for Christians facing humiliation and pain, because of their faith in the Christian religion. We then had the opportunity to tour some parts of the faculty and had lunch with Dr Collins and Dr Guynes. Both students and staff embraced us with lots of love, it was a beautiful day to worship and praise God. Amen!

Featured in the picture at the bottom left, starting from the right front row is; Dr Kermit Bridges, President of SAGU, Rev Laud Brown a graduate of SAGU and Pastor for All Nations African Fellowship (Arlington), Rev Sam Bonsu, a graduate of SAGU and Senior Pastor for Cornerstone Evangel Int. Church, Mrs. Ernestina Bonsu, the wife of Rev Bonsu and Dr Collins Director of missionary services of SAGU. Top row from the left; Mrs. Kankam Secretary for Cornerstone Evangel Int. Church, Rev Ghartey, African Fellowship Pastor of Oak Cliff Assembly, Mrs. Bridget Brown, the wife of Rev Laud Brown and Mr. Cornelis Des Bouvire.  Pictures.


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